Who Is Diego Guauque Esposa Alejandra Rodríguez? Kids And Family

Diego Guauque Esposa details have been trending since the journalist revealed his professional aspirations following his triumph over cancer.

The journalist Diego Guauque has shared his journey with great optimism since publicly revealing his diagnosis of stomach cancer.

Despite facing a challenging and painful battle, he has remained hopeful and has become an inspiration for many cancer patients.

While he recently announced that he had beaten cancer, an interview with Semana revealed that the sarcoma had impacted one of his kidneys.

Diego expressed that his battle with cancer has positively changed his perspective in life and shared that he has learned to reorder what matters most to him.

Previously, work and journalistic pursuits held the highest priority, often taking precedence over rest and personal well-being.

However, after his experience, he now recognizes that good health is paramount and has become his new top priority.

Relating to his story, Diego’s followers and well-wishers have shown interest in learning about his wife and kids. Let’s look at that.

Who Is Diego Guauque Esposa (Wife) Alejandra Rodríguez?

Alejandra Rodríguez is the wife of Diego Guauque. She was a steady rock who helped her husband during his dreadful cancer journey.

Alejandra, a seasoned journalist, is a media expert and copywriter with extensive experience in communications and audiovisual media.

She serves as a correspondent and producer for NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises in Panama, showcasing her bilingual abilities in Spanish and English.

With over 20 years of expertise, Alejandra skillfully conveys messages to target audiences using the appropriate language and approach.

Believing in the significance of continuous growth, she holds an MBA focusing on leadership, emphasizing her commitment to constant learning.

Rodriguez has an impressive career history, serving as a correspondent and producer at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises in Panama for six years.

She was Production Director at Fast Forward Producciones and Communications Manager at the Embassy of the Interim Government of Venezuela in Panama.

Furthermore, Alejandra also served as Executive News Producer at TVN Canal 2 and has remained an Executive Producer of commercials at Argot Creativo.

Her other experience includes being a Bilingual Executive Producer at Fixing Venezuela, a Senior Lecturer at UCAB – Universidad Católica Andrés Bello,

With a remarkable track record, Rodriguez previously worked as a General Program Producer at Globovision in Venezuela for over 15 years.

She thrives on the excitement of new challenges, leading in planning and executing projects alongside multidisciplinary teams with utmost dedication.

Diego Guauque And Alejandra Rodríguez: Kids And Family

The couple Diego Guauque and Alejandra Rodriguez have not shared details about having any kids. As of now, this personal information has been kept at bay.

Let’s talk about the man himself. After all, he deserves all the attention for beating cancer and having a new-found purpose in life.

With less kilos, more hair and without a sarcoma in the belly.

Journalist Guauque underwent surgery on May 29 to remove the sarcoma impacting his health.

Thousands of Colombians eagerly follow Guauque’s battle against a challenging abdominal sarcoma, praying and hoping for a successful and speedy recovery.

Although the surgical procedure resulted in the loss of his kidney, it was successful.

Diego has been documenting his recovery journey on Instagram and reports that he is satisfied with his progress.

The journalist expressed heartfelt gratitude to his close family, friends, and followers for their comforting and encouraging messages during this challenging journey.

Their messages of encouragement and unwavering support played a significant role in his perseverance.