Who Are Luca And Giorgio Russo? Alessia Russo Brother Wikipedia And Age

Along with the female footballer herself, Alessia Russo Brother has also begun to attract subsequent interest from sports enthusiasts. Let’s see why that is.

Alessia Russo is an English forward who is a professional football player.

Born Alessia Mia Teresa Russo, Alessia is a forward who competes for Arsenal in the Women’s Super League and also represents the England national team.

Russo’s journey in football commenced in 2007 when she joined the youth team of Charlton Athletic.

Standing 5 feet 9 inches, she proudly represents England and has participated in numerous matches.

In addition to her role in the national team, Russo has been associated with several clubs, such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Brighton & Hove Albion, and others.

But not everyone knows that just like the sister, her brothers have also shown great potency in sports. Let’s jump right into talking about Alessia Russo brother.

Alessia Russo Brother: Who Are Luca And Giorgio Russo? 

Alessia Russo has two brothers named Luca Russo and Giorgio Russo.

Her elder brother, Giorgio, is a teammate at Ramsgate, showcasing his football skills.

On the other hand, Luca, the other brother, serves as her agent and is also involved in track and field athletics.

Luca is a sophomore hailing from London, England, standing at 6 feet 1 inch.

During his high school days at St. Simon Stock, Luca was actively involved in multiple sports, including soccer, cross country, and track & field.

He possesses a keen interest in Sports & Exercise Science and has chosen it as his major at the college level.

Luca, Giorgio, and Alessia are the sons and daughter of Mario and Carol Russo.

They likely draw inspiration from their family’s strong football background, as their father, Mario, was a notable football player with the Met Police.

With his passion for sports and dedication to his studies, Luca appears ambitious and talented, making his career and helping his sister, Alessia.

More On Alessia Russo Brother: Wikipedia And Age

The fans of Alessia Russo will find it normal when we say that she is more popular than her brothers.

Staying with that, it is a no-brainer that only she has a Wikipedia page, and her brothers are only covered by some web magazines, mostly related to her.

In a similar manner, the age of her brothers has also not been revealed. On the other hand, Luca and Giorgio’s sister, Alessia, was born on February 8, 1999.

While America served as Russo’s educational phase in football, it is Italy that England owes gratitude for her ancestral football heritage.

Her grandfather emigrated from Sicily to London in the 1950s and played non-league football for the Met Police.

Alessia’s father, Mario, followed in his footsteps and holds the remarkable distinction of being the Met Police’s leading goal scorer.

Football was dominant in the family, with their kickabouts regularly wreaking havoc in the family garden.

As the youngest, Alessia often played as a goalkeeper more frequently than she preferred.

Nonetheless, those moments spent with her siblings honed the skills she showcased across Europe this summer.

Russo possesses the qualities typically associated with a classic English center forward: athleticism, speed, aerial prowess, and power.

Her football journey began at Charlton Athletic’s Academy, where scouts noticed her while playing for her local team in Maidstone, Kent.

From there, she steadily climbed her way to the pinnacle of the football world.