Where is Clay Smith going, leaving the Western Bulldogs? Salary and net worth

Needless to say, ‘Where is Clay Smith going’ has become one of the most asked questions about the former footballer as his fans are curious as to his current whereabouts.

Clay Smith is a former Australian footballer who is credited with his time with the Western Bulldogs in the AFL. He currently works as a development coach for the Western Bulldogs.

The Victoria-born football player Gippsland was drafted from the Western Bulldogs in the 2011 AFL Draft (with the 17th cap) from Gippsland Power in the TAC Cup.

He made his AFL debut on April 1, 2012 and impressed with his speed, agility and ability to strike on goal. The former athlete scored four goals in his debut game against the West Coast Eagles.

Smith was part of the Bulldogs’ remarkable winning team in 2016, overcoming three knee reconstructions and a serious eye injury to play a vital role in the final series.

Clay Smith is a remarkable example of resilience, courage and determination in the face of adversity. Many fans and teammates admire him for his passion, spirit and skill on the pitch.

Today’s article sheds some light on whether or not Clay Smith left the Western Bulldogs.

Where is Clay Smith going? Does he quit Western Bulldogs?

No. Football star Clay Smith is not leaving the Western Bulldogs as he has already bid farewell to the team as a standout player.

The Gippsland native announced his retirement from AFL football on July 9, 2018 due to lingering injuries. After ending his playing career, he became a development coach for the Western Bulldogs.

Moreover, he won’t be leaving the Western Bulldogs anytime soon and seems content with his current role.

So, all of his fans and followers concerned about his current whereabouts can rest assured that the former football star is firmly entrenched in the AFL community.

His journey from player to coach shows his love for the game and his dedication to the development of young players.

Clay Smith is remembered as a true Bulldogs champion for his outstanding accomplishments and efforts.

Clay Smith Salary and Net Worth

Clay Smith was active as a professional football player from 2012 to 2018. He must have amassed a significant fortune during his short and remarkable playing career.

Although the exact amount of his net worth and salary has not been made public, we can safely say that he has been and is well compensated for his contributions to the club and the game.

According at ESPN, the average annual salary of AFL players in 2023 is around $400,000. But even by the late 2010s, athletes must have amassed a significant amount of annual salary.

Besides, ZipRecruiter estimated that a player development coach earns $42,246 in media salaries in 2023.

However, a development coach’s salary should depend on his experience, the club he works for and the league.

So, Clay Smith’s salary as a Western Bulldogs development coach could be more or less than the mentioned amount.

It is not known if he has another source of income. Smith’s work as a development coach is his main source of income.

Clay Smith, who turned 30 last May, is still young. So, his net worth and salary will keep changing.

Hopefully, the former football star will achieve more prosperity and amass more fortune in the coming days. We wish him the best in his future endeavours.