Sweet Megg Wikipedia and Age: How Old Is Levitating Singer?

Sweet Megg Wikipedia has been covered in this article. If you want to know more about the Levitating singer’s life, keep reading till the end.

Sweet Megg is a talented singer originally from New York City-based in Nashville, Tennessee. Besides, Megg performs a range of material steeped in American jazz, blues, and country traditions.

Furthermore, Megg is also the vocalist of Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers, which gained popularity and started touring outside of the city.

Her tours brought her back to the South, where Megg became more and more curious about country music. She is also famous for her songs, such as Under the Moonlight and I’m in Love Again.

Sweet Megg Wikipedia and Biography

Sweet Megg is the vocalist of Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers. She was passionate about pursuing a career in the musical field from a young age.

Megg grew up performing as a songwriter in the East Village and desiring to be a writer like those of the folk years of the Greenwich Village. Not to mention, her songs are influenced by her years as a jazz singer.

Her debut album, named Under the Moonlight, was recorded in a mind-boggling two days and performed entirely live by her band. After I’m in Love Again came out, she packed up her bags and drove to Nashville, TN. 

Megg’s next album, named, My Window Faces South, was released in 2022. Furthermore, she has done tours in various places. Her recent touring excursions outside of the US were a massive success.

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Sweet Megg Age: How Old Is Levitating Singer?

The actual age of Levitating singer Sweet Megg remains unclear. As of now, Megg has not given any details about her personal life to the media. 

Megg prefers to keep the details regarding her early life and family background far from the public domain rather than sharing them with the tabloids.

For your information, Megg was born and raised in New York City. Megg has not said anything about her parents. So, due to the lack of information, their names also remain a mysterious topic on the web.

After high school, Megg found herself down in North Carolina, where she trained as a raft guide and got her first taste of Southern music.

Moreover, Megg is also famous for Levitating song of Dua Lipa, which many people loved.

Sweet Megg Boyfriend: Is She Single or Dating?

Sweet Megg does not have a boyfriend, and she is not dating anyone. None of her social media posts shows that she is in a relationship. Megg is currently focused on her career rather than searching for her life partner.

None of the verified media outlets have given the facts regarding Megg’s love life. In the same way, she has never been involved in any gossip or controversies regarding her love affair.

So, it can be said that Megg has led a solitary life for a long time. Megg’s fans and followers have been asking questions about her partner for a long time.

Moreover, she may give some hints in the future to her well-wishers via her  handles.