Sheila Oliver Illness And Health Before Death: Did Lieutenant Governor Die Of Cancer?

Learn about the sudden Sheila Oliver illness news before her death. Gov. Sheila passes away at 71. 

Sheila Oliver, the trailblazing Lt. Gov. of New Jersey, passed away at 71, making history as the first Black woman to serve as the state’s Assembly speaker.

As Gov. Phil Murphy’s deputy, Oliver oversaw the Department of Community Affairs and signed crucial bills, including a juvenile justice program.

Her powerful voice and advocacy against gun violence made her a respected figure.

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Sheila Oliver Illness And Health Before Death

The provided information has not disclosed specific details about Sheila Oliver’s illness and health before her death.

The news report mentions that Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver died at the age of 71 after a sudden illness, but the cause of her illness remains undisclosed.

Before passing, Sheila Oliver was an active and prominent figure in New Jersey politics.

She served as the Lt. Gov. alongside Gov. Phil Murphy and had previously made history as the first Black woman to lead the state Assembly in 2010.

Throughout her political career, she was known for her dedication to public service and advocacy for various important causes, including revitalizing cities and addressing gun violence.

Specific details about her condition or any previous health issues she may have had before her sudden illness and passing.

As such, it is impossible to provide a comprehensive account of her health history from the given information.

The family’s statement mentioned that she was a cherished daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and hero but did not elaborate on any specific health concerns.

Due to the lack of infirmation regarding her illness and health, further information from reliable news sources or official statements would be needed to provide a comprehensive overview of Sheila Oliver’s health before her death.

Did Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver Die Of Cancer?

The news report does not mention the cause of Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver’s death.

The report only states that she died at the age of 71 after being hospitalized for an undisclosed medical condition.

As of the news update, there were no specific details or confirmation regarding the cause of her illness or the circumstances surrounding her passing.

Sheila Y. Oliver leaves behind a legacy of dedication, service, and inspiration, as stated by her family in a released statement.

She made history as the first Black woman to serve as speaker of the state Assembly and was elected twice as Lieutenant Governor under Governor Murphy in 2017 and again in 2021.

During her tenure as acting Governor, Oliver signed significant bills, including one that aimed to overhaul the state’s juvenile justice system to reintegrate young people into society.

Governor Phil Murphy expressed profound sadness at the news of Oliver’s passing, describing her as a trailblazer and a genuine and kind person. 

He had selected her as his running mate in 2017, recognizing her decades of public service and viewing her as the ideal partner to lead the state of New Jersey.

Oliver’s remarkable contributions to New Jersey’s political landscape will be remembered, and her family and loved ones are in the thoughts & prayers of many during this difficult time.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver. Her passing is a profound loss for New Jersey, and we extend our sympathies and support during this difficult time.

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