Rose Howell Missing Update 2023: is she still found?

People want to know about Rose Howell’s missing 2023 update. Two decades after her disappearance, police are offering a $750,000 reward for information about missing teenager Rose.

Ms Howell, then 18, was last seen approaching her home in Bundagen, some 25 miles south of Coffs Harbour, at around 6.45pm on Friday April 11, 2003.

Melila Howell, her mother, believes the reward will act as a further incentive for information.

Someone near where we reside must know something; she remarked, “Anyone have any idea what would have happened.”

Relatives and friends of Ms Howell’s daughter, she claimed, needed clarification.

“Please tell us, please. The woman claimed her three brothers did not know what happened to her and her father died before finding out what happened. After so many years, people are still wondering about the missing case of Rose Howell.

Be with us till the end to know about the missing Rose Howell 2023 update.

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Rose Howell Missing Update 2023: is she still found?

The girl had hosted her 19th birthday party and hitchhiked to Bellingen on the day of her disappearance, according to evidence presented at a 2012 coroner’s inquest led by Deputy State Coroner Magistrate PA MacMahon.

Rose’s mother reported her missing two days after she failed to show up for an appointment, although she said it was not unusual for her daughter to stay with friends in Bellingen.

Rose was described as Caucasian in appearance, having an olive complexion, being between 160 and 165 cm tall, having hazel eyes and sporting short, black hair styled in a mohawk at the time of her abduction.

The last time Rose Howell was seen alive, according to Magistrate MacMahon, was in 2012 by William Robb, who observed her strolling along Perrys Road in Repton as he drove by on his way to his daughter’s dance performance.

The magistrate concluded that Rose Howell was dead on a balance of probabilities, but could not determine specifics based on the information presented.

The inquest also heard testimony from numerous residents, including a former classmate from Toormina High School who claimed to have seen Ms Howell after April 11.

Ms Howell was seen by Shaylee Smith, who was of the same year as her, twice on Monday May 5, 2003, in Coffs Harbor and possibly again a few days later.

However, Magistrate MacMahon said he was satisfied Ms Smith had been misinformed.

Cash reward offered for information about his disappearance

The mother-of-a-teen says she still hopes her daughter will ‘appear’ after disappearing days before she turned 19 more than two decades ago.

A $750,000 reward has been offered by the government and NSW Police in exchange for information about Rose Howell’s disappearance from upstate more than 20 years ago.

Rose Howell, then 18, was last seen leaving her home in Bundagen, located around 25 kilometers south of Coffs Harbour, at around 6.15pm on Friday April 11, 2003, along Perry’s Road in Repton.

It was common for Rose to spend the night at a friend’s house, and her mother knew that she had planned to meet friends in Bellingen.

Rose was reported missing to police on April 13, 2003, when she failed to return home and meet her mother for an 11 a.m. appointment.

A coroner’s inquest concluded in December 2012 that Ms Howell was most certainly dead, but the exact time, place and circumstances of her death were unknown.

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