Rayanna Belle Brock Mugshot: Kentucky sorority girl arrested and charged

People are curious about Rayanna Belle Brock Mugshot. The Kentucky queen of mayhem is going viral for celebrating her photo portfolio on Instagram.

A woman called the ‘Queen of Chaos’, who 11 viral snaps claim discovered God.

A former East Kentucky University student who has been arrested 11 times on various charges including theft and terrorism-related crimes, has earned a new nickname after her snaps became popular on social media.

After being taken into police custody in July 2020, she was recently photographed wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and smiling broadly.

An East Kentucky University (EKU) alumna who was arrested is known as the ‘Queen of Chaos’ after her snaps went viral on social media.

Rayanna Belle Brock, 23, has been detained 11 times for various offenses including shoplifting in 2018 and terrorism-related acts in 2020 and 2023.

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Photo by Rayanna Belle Brock

Rayanna Belle Brock is seen beaming in the most recent mugshot, her hair dyed blonde and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit after being arrested in 2020 for terrorist threats and harassment.

Photos of Rayanna Belle Brock were all over the internet. Social media users described her as “cute but also a threat” in response to her snaps which received a lot of attention.

Some have even expressed a desire to make Grand Theft Auto characters look like him. There are 11 snaps of 23-year-old Rayanna Belle Brock from her many arrests since 2018.

Despite her rocky history, she recently posted on social media to thank a pal who supported her through her worst times.

Brock thanked her friend Bernard Hoskins in a touching Facebook post for saving her from homelessness and even suicide.

She was held for the fourth time for defamation and contempt of court, and she later called her mugshot her “favorite” on social media.

The woman wrote on Facebook on June 13 that “this man took me in when I was literally at my lowest, and he honestly saved me from killing myself.”

Kentucky Sorority Girl Arrested and Charged

After discovering her most recent photo, a former college student from Kentucky is going viral on social media.

According to social media profiles, Rayanna Brock, a former East Kentucky University student and member of the Kentucky Chicks, was trending on Twitter Monday.

“Brock is sharing her collection of 11 police custody snaps, spanning the past five years, when she was aged 18-23, in an Instagram story reel titled ‘mugshawty’ after the popular account that posts snaps from across America,” the Daily Mail said.

“Kentucky Offender Online Search indicates she is enrolled in a year-long correctional program as part of pre-trial diversion.”

Unsurprisingly, Rayanna has the support of her fans. On Facebook, Rayanna shared her journey to sobriety and betterment.

She said in her letter that a man took me in when she was literally at rock bottom and stopped her from killing herself. She had really cut all her ties, but he was still there for her.

Brock’s illegal activities have made local news before, including an incident in 2021 when she was accused of taking a state trooper’s hat and taser from her truck.

Although her viral snaps made her famous, Brock’s criminal activities have already made local news. Throughout the investigation, authorities discovered drugs, stolen property and drug paraphernalia in his apartment.

According to the Kentucky Online Offender Lookup, Brock is enrolled in a one-year rehab program as part of pretrial diversion.

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