Orla Guerin Sister: Is She Related To Veronica Guerin?

Who is the famous Irish journalist Orla Guerin sister? Fans are curious to know if she is related to Veronica Guerin. So, let’s have a look. 

Orla Guerin is a famous and talented Irish journalist. Besides, she is a Senior International correspondent currently working for BBC News broadcasting worldwide and across the UK. 

In her initial career, Guerin worked for multiple newspapers in Dublin, including the Sunday Tribune. And before joining RTE News in 1987, she was also anointed as the youngest foreign correspondent when Guerin, at the age of 23, was sent to Eastern Europe in 1990.

Likewise, Guerin served at RTE until 1994, reporting from central Europe, the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Sarajevo in 1992. She also won her Jacob’s Award in 1992. 

After leaving RTE, she started her journey in the BBC in 1995, and following the years, Guerin also became the corporation’s Southern Europe correspondent in July 1996. 

Who Is Orla Guerin Sister?

Following Orla Guerin’s successful career as a Journalist, people are also concerned about her family life as they are questioning her sister. 

Guerin has never shared much about her family life and prefers keeping her family matters away from media sources. Therefore, there is nothing much to share about Guerin’s siblings. 

Similarly, Guerin’s Wikipedia consists of her professional career and her well-wishers only know about her working history; thus, exploring her family details may take a while. 

Is Orla Guerin Related To Veronica Guerin?

Many have asked if Orla Guerin is related to the late Veronica Guerin. Well, the answer is no; Orla and Veronica don’t have any relationship. 

Hence, Orla’s name is often mixed up as the sister of the late columnist Veronica Guerin for having comparable last names, identities, and callings.

Similarly, in 1994 Veronica started expounding on misbehavior for the Sunday Independent, and she was shot She was a shot to dead by drug masters in 1996 at a traffic signal.

Her dimes were one of the biggest news headlines in Ireland the following year. Orla is seven younger than the late Veronica Guerin.

Having the same profession and surnames, people often confuse their relationship, although Orla and Veronica come from two different family roots. 

She holds an Irish identity regarding Orla’s nationality and ethnicity; meanwhile, Guerin has a place with the White identity race and an Irish legacy.

Guerin was happily married to Graham Turley, and professionally she was an accountant and journalist who completed her education at Trinity College, Dublin. 

Orla Guerin Family And Parents: Meet His Father And Mother

Orla Guerin was born on 15 May 1966 and was raised by her parents, whose names and details haven’t been shared yet. 

Likewise, she spent most of her childhood in Dublin and attended a convent school. More, she graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). 

Although many questions have been asked about her parents and family, she hasn’t shared much about her parents and siblings, as said earlier. 

In 2003, she got married to Reuters correspondent Michael Georgy. Orla and Michael are also the parents of two. Following Orla’s married life, the couple has continued to lead a low-profile life. 

The journalist often came into the media limelight for her working career rather than her private matters.