Nia Vardalos Plastic Surgery Before And After: Botox And Nose Job

Rumors are circulating about Nia Vardalos plastic surgery. We think she had botox and nose surgery. Let’s find out the real truth about her weight loss.

Nia Vardalos, by her birth name Antonia Eugenia Vardalos, is a Canadian actress, screenwriter, producer and director.

Her work in the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding earned her two Oscar and Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Writing and Best Screenplay.

Additionally, Vardalos portrayed Faye Anderson in the 2019 Holiday TV movie Same time, next Christmas.

In 2020, she totally changed her role to serious non-comic acting by appearing as convicted poisoner Stacey Castor in the movie Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor Story.

Along with comedian Rob Riggle, Vardalos produced, wrote, and starred in the ten-episode comedy podcast Motivated! for Audible Original and Broadway Video in September 2022.

Moreover, Nia Vardolas plastic surgery rumors are all over the internet which makes her fans more curious about her.

Nia Vardalos plastic surgery before and after

As most of the actresses have undergone plastic surgery, the rumors regarding Nia Vardalos plastic surgery are nothing shocking.

Moreover, this is very common in the movie industry and is followed by many.

However, speaking of Nia, she has lost a lot of weight as evidenced by her looks. Seeing her recent photos, many assume that she has had a makeover.

Moreover, she lost about 40 pounds and a huge difference between her before and after photos can be seen.

Moreover, some doctors comment on her recent looks claiming that she has surely undergone plastic surgery.

The actress, however, has completely opposite beliefs. She states that she only follows a healthy beauty routine and nothing more.

Her flawless skin is a result of her proper skincare, healthy diet, and exercise.

Additionally, Nia says she will absolutely let the paparazzi know if she ever gets plastic surgery, but as of now, she’s healthy and fit for her job as an actress.

Nia Vardalos Botox and nose job

In her recent films, Nia Vardolas can barely make facial expressions, which increases distrust of Botox work.

Also, it looks like Nia got Botox on her forehead and the space between her eyebrows because they look tight and toned.

According to the doctors, she uses injections in her cheeks, eye area and also has lip fillers. Also, his nose area looks a whole lot different now.

Plus, the actress’ beautiful skin and slimmer nose are most likely the result of Botox and possibly dermal fillers.

Vardolas, however, hasn’t accepted the Botox or nose job rumor at this time. In fact, she talks about healthy ways to lose weight.

In an interview with Charmshe clearly mentioned that the doctors suggested her to lose weight because she has thyroid which leads to stress and infertility.

As a result, the actress lost her weight in a natural way, without plastic surgery or Botox treatment.

Even though it was very difficult for her to follow a weight loss journey, she was constantly angry that she had to do it in the first place.

However, she made some healthy changes in her daily routine which helped her lose body and facial fat.

Additionally, her weight loss journey includes healthy eating, running instead of the gym, yoga for a healthy mind and body, and positive thinking.