My Husband Gets Me Pregnant Every Year So I Don’t Get My Period

She is above her time of the month – period.

Mum influencer Chantel Schnider claims to have devised an unorthodox way to avoid her ‘miserable’ period – by getting pregnant by the rules so she doesn’t get her period at all.

The Canadian mother-of-two – who is pregnant with her third child – detailed her bizarre period prevention measures in a video with 4.4 million views.

“When he gets you pregnant every year so you don’t have to deal with your period,” said content creator Schnider, who has more than 660,900 subscribers on ICT Tac and another 150,000 on instagram.

Posting under the family nickname Alexander, Schnider and her husband, Aaron Alexanderregularly post videos about the trials and tribulations of waiting for a little bundle of joy, including pregnancy-induced food cravings, bad gas and even just trying to leave the house.

Luckily, having a bun in the oven isn’t so bad, according to Schnider. In the aforementioned clip, the period goer details how being pregnant every year prevents her from getting her period.

In the six-second snippet, the woman still with a child can be seen dancing with her family and giving them sweets with a sound that sings “Thanks to my man.”

This Aunt Flo avoidance technique seems counterintuitive, akin to deliberately contracting COVID-19 to avoid getting vaccinated.

However, she says pregnancy is preferable, stating in the comments, “My pregnancies are absolutely miserable but somehow I’d still rather be pregnant (than have) a period.”

Schnider will likely avoid periods for a while as she plans to have up to 10 children, according to another comment.

The Post has reached out to the prolific creator for comment.

Needless to say, Schnider’s unconventional method drew mixed reviews. One person dubbed the serial childbearer “smart” and another called her husband a “superman.”

“Omg I love it,” gushed a third.

Some supporters claimed that they also managed to get hit to stop the cycle.

“Same, I’ve been pregnant since 2020,” said another prenatal traveler.

Others were less enthusiastic. “Ummm… even though it’s a joke, it’s not really funny,” one objector mocked, while another wrote, “That’s not cute.”

Others have suggested that Schnider uses birth control.

Meanwhile, although period shame is being talked about more openly, talking about it apparently remains frowned upon, with many women saying they’d rather suffer in silence than tell their bosses about their periods.

About 6 in 10 women say they would not feel comfortable discussing topics such as menstrual cramps, Pap tests, breast exams or menopause with a manager.

In an effort to counter the stigma, some enterprising artists are creating literal period pieces.

In 2021, Italian painter aleXsandro Palombo sought to overturn time-of-the-month taboos with a series of installations depicting Kim Kardashian and Marge Simpson revealing their period.