Meteorologist: Is Ange Noiret gay? gender and sexuality

The query on the topic Ange Noiret Gay has grown in popularity as people become invested in learning about sexuality from the Weatherman.

Ange Noiret, a true weather enthusiast, is making his second appearance on TF1, although he is not unknown to viewers.

On June 19, 2022, he appeared on the channel for the first time, replacing Tatiana Silva, who had been with TF1 since 2017 but was absent for unknown reasons.

On July 21, the 33-year-old meteorologist, presenter of the morning weather forecast on LCI since September 2022, once again took charge of the weather forecast on TF1.

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Ange Noiret revealed his aspirations to become a singer, dancer, stuntman and even animal detective during his youth.

This may explain his penchant for staging events like Halloween or the Paris Marathon.

Nevertheless, his passion remains meteorology, having continued his studies at the National School of Meteorology in his hometown of Toulouse.

Meteorologist: Is Ange Noiret gay?

Handsome and athletic weather forecaster Ange Noiret has been the subject of a rumor suggesting he’s gay.

However, this rumor is completely unfounded and not real. Recently, he made headlines by replacing Evelyn Dheliat during the noon show.

In a surprising turn of events, the meteorologist was filmed taking part in a cryotherapy game, which he stripped naked before entering the cabin.

This incident, which occurred a few months ago near the TF1 tower, sparked intense speculation about his sexual orientation.

Despite the heightened interest in his personal life, Noiret has remained tight-lipped about his sexuality and has released no statements confirming or denying it.

It’s essential to remember that personal matters like these must be respected, and speculating about someone’s sexual orientation without concrete evidence is unfair.

Learn more about gender and sexuality from Ange Noiret

As mentioned earlier, Ange Noiret’s sexuality has always been assumed to be straight, with the exception of recent rumors implying him as gay.

Identifying with the male gender, dedicated weather reporter, Noiret has always demonstrated professionalism and expertise in his profession.

While excelling as a student without much effort, his interest in the weather led him to delve into the subject and excel in his exams.

After engineering school, he spent five years in the army, notably as an aeronautical forecaster for the Air Force in Orléans.

It was during his military service that he learned of the possibility of becoming a meteorologist, which inspired him to continue his studies in the field.

In 2017, Ange Noiret was recruited by The Weather Channel, where he discovered the art of popularizing weather information to the general public.

Over the next four years, he honed his professional skills and embraced his natural side as a showman.

His ease in front of the camera and his ability to engage the public earned him recognition within the TF1 group.

His dedication to his job is evident, as he adheres to a disciplined schedule, waking up at 2:30 a.m. Monday through Friday to present the weather forecast.

His enthusiasm for the weather goes beyond traditional forecasts, as he has also presented segments related to the environment on LCI.

Ange Noiret’s charisma and unique approach to weather reporting have impressed colleagues and industry leaders.

His colleague Évelyne Dhéliat, a prominent weather figure herself, praised Ange’s personality on and off the air, predicting a bright future for her.