Marta Chávarr Boda Photo And Marido Fernando Falcó: More His Hija

Marta Chávarr Boda captivated netizens with awe as photos of her wedding to Falco went viral on social media.

The name of Marta Chavarr has attracted attention as the wife of Fernando Falcó.

The aristocrat lived through a series of tragic events, including the loss of his brother Carlos, the Marquis of Griñón, seven months ago and the deaths of his two other brothers at the ages of 33 and 57.

Sadly, Chávarri, formerly known as the Marquise de Cubas and notable “Interviú” cover model, has passed away. Her last known image was taken at her son’s wedding.

The former Marchioness of Cubas died this morning at the age of 63 at her residence in Madrid.

Marta Chávarr Boda Photo and Marido Fernando Falcó

Fernando Falcó is an aristocrat and the husband of Marta Chávarri, formerly known as the Marchioness of Cubas. He died in 2020.

Moreover, he was the father of Álvaro Falcó and he had other brothers who sadly also passed away.

Yesterday morning, Chávarri died aged 63 at her home in Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid.

Her assistant discovered her lifeless; despite medical efforts, they were unable to intervene quickly. Currently, the exact cause of his death remains unknown.

Not so long ago, the former Marchioness of Cubas became a grandmother, and a year ago she attended the wedding of her son Álvaro Falcó.

Álvaro is from her marriage to Fernando Falcó, who died in 2020.

Just over a month ago, as the ex-wife of Fernando Falcó and Alberto Cortina, she celebrated the birth of her granddaughter Philippa.

Philippa is the daughter of Álvaro Falcó and Isabel Junnot, born on June 11.

Although Marta has retired from public life, she appeared at the current wedding of the Marquises of Cuba, which has become one of the most important events of 2022.

HELLO provided exclusive coverage of this wedding! Magazine, capturing Marta’s last moments with her son since she had been absent from the media spotlight.

Although she is one of the most high-profile and familiar figures in the hot press, the pressures of media attention have taken a toll on her well-being.

More on Marta Chávarr Boda: Meer Her Hija (girl)

Following the death of Marta Chávarri this Friday, July 21 at the age of 63, there has been growing curiosity about her family history.

The former Marchioness of Cubas was found dead at her Madrid residence by her assistant, her son Álvaro Falcó and her daughter-in-law Isabelle Junot arriving later.

As everyone was deeply shocked by the news, information about Marta’s daughter is limited.

Chávarri lived away from the public eye for many years. Nevertheless, there was a time when she was a style icon.

The daughter of Ambassador Tomás Chávarri and granddaughter of the Marquis de Floro was the first Spanish “it girl” with her distinct fashion choices.

Particularly in the 1980s and 1990s, she was someone everyone sought and desired.

Her wedding dress, in particular, garnered immense attention when she married Fernando Falcó, Marquess of Cubas, at age 22 in 1982.

Their wedding at Plasencia Cathedral was a big social event, and Marta’s dress, with a V-neckline and striking ruffled sleeves, became a sensation.

This is the beginning of the “Marta effect”, which influences the style of the Madrid aristocracy and inspires countless Spaniards who imitate their outfits.

For two decades, Chávarri was a leading pioneer in Spanish fashion.

Her outfit choices were highly praised, especially for the refreshing twist she brought to social events covered in gossip magazines.