Mark Himebaugh Wikipedia and age: how old is the missing person?

Is the Mark Himebaugh wikipedia available? Yes, it is available and fully updated in the following segments below.

Mark Himebaugh was born on May 23, 1980 to Mr. Jody Himebaugh and Mrs. Maureen Himebaugh. He grew up with his older brother, Matthew, in his neighborhood, Del Haven, NJ.

At the time of Mark’s disappearance, he was wearing a blue shirt with gray pants. In addition, he had a gray jacket and white sneakers given to him by his brother.

Speaking of Himebaugh’s appearance, he had freckles on his face. Her eyes were hazel blue and her hair was red.

Mark is white Caucasian according to his race/ethnicity. He was 4 feet tall and weighed 85 pounds when he disappeared.

In this article, we dive into the details of Mark Himebaugh’s disappearance that have reignited hopes for answers.

Mark Himebaugh Wikipedia and his age: how old was he?

Mark Himebaugh’s Wikipedia is still not available so far. But here’s everything you need to know about the missing boy.

More than three decades have passed since the mysterious disappearance of Mark Himebaugh in Del Haven, New Jersey on November 25, 1991. At the age of 11, he disappeared.

Meanwhile, the community fought a bushfire near the beach, Mark expressed curiosity about the incident and set off to investigate.

Unfortunately, that was the last time he was seen in his neighborhood.

Despite extensive tracing efforts, the case remained unsolved, leaving the family and authorities struggling with unanswered questions.

On that fateful day, Mark Himebaugh’s innocence and curiosity led him to step outside his home to observe the nearby bushfire that had broken out in the swamp.

Informing his mother, Maureen Himebaugh, of his intentions, Mark ventured to the beach community and was last seen at a local park around 4:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, he never returned home and his whereabouts became a growing concern.

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Ongoing investigation and search for Mark Himebaugh

Local authorities in Middle Township were immediately notified of Mark’s disappearance, triggering an extensive search operation.

The community rallied, with an army of volunteers, canine units and helicopters joining the effort.

Amid the search, a firefighter discovered one of Mark’s shoes in a sand bush, sparking hope and fear for his safety.

However, later discoveries, including one of his sneakers found on the beach, led investigators to suspect a possible abduction.

Possible suspects in Mark Himebaugh disappearance case

During the investigation, law enforcement interviewed several people, including Mark’s father, Jody Himebaugh.

His actions raised initial suspicion when he went to work while others searched for his son. Nevertheless, he had an alibi that ruled him out as a suspect.

Another potential suspect was Pennsylvania resident Thomas Butcavage Jr., a convicted pedophile which looked like a sketch of a man seen talking to Mark the day he disappeared.

However, while Butcavage was sentenced to prison for molesting young boys, there was no concrete evidence linking him to Mark’s disappearance.

Community response and hope for missing Mark Himebaugh

Mark’s disappearance has deeply affected the Del Haven community and he has been actively involved in search efforts.

Despite the passage of three decades, the memory of the young boy has not faded.

Mark’s family, friends and community still hold out hope, seeking the end or a miracle of his return.

Maureen Himebaugh, Mark’s mother, is patiently waiting for answers, hoping that advances in technology might one day shed light on her son’s fate.

Police use artificial intelligence (AI) to investigate Mark Himebaugh

As technology advances, law enforcement hasn’t given up on finding out what happened to Mark.

In recent years, they have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to aid in the investigation.

AI has the ability to identify patterns and connections in cases that might not be immediately apparent to human investigators.

THE Middle Township Police ChiefChristopher Leusner, thanked the Vollee team and Microsoft for their help in using AI technology to find Mark Himebaugh.

This pilot program aims to solve his case and potentially serve as a model for other cold cases.

The disappearance of Mark Himebaugh in 1991 remains a haunting and unsolved mystery, leaving his family and community yearning for closure and answers.

Despite extensive search efforts and the questioning of potential suspects, the case eluded resolution for more than three decades.

However, with advances in AI technology, investigators hope the application of artificial intelligence could bring new leads and insights into the case.

As the Del Haven community continues to remember Mark and support his family, police are committed to seeking justice and uncovering the truth behind this tragic event.

As the search for answers persists, the hope for closure remains unshakeable.

Only time will tell if AI will be the key to unraveling the longstanding mystery of Mark Himebaugh’s disappearance.

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