Katharine McPhee Children with first husband Nick Cokas: divorced settlement

Amid Katharine McPhee’s illustrious career and high-profile relationships, the question of “Katharine McPhee’s children” has piqued the curiosity of many.

Katharine Hope McPhee, born March 25, 1984, is a multifaceted American talent recognized for her strong presence as a singer-songwriter and actress.

Originally recognized as a fifth-season American Idol runner-up in May 2006, McPhee’s star has gone up and up. Beyond her musical achievements, she gracefully transformed into an actress.

With roles in notable films such as The House Rabbit and the Night of the 3D Sharks, she impressed everyone. She notably embodied the character of Karen Cartwright, a main role in the television series Smash.

Diversifying his accomplishments, McPhee made a notable Broadway debut in Waitress, captivating audiences like Jenna in 2018 and subsequently in 2019-20. His talents have also crossed the Atlantic to London’s West End.

Katharine McPhee children with her first husband Nick Cokas

Katharine McPhee’s journey through motherhood has been characterized by both joy and sorrow. People have been asking about her motherhood journey when she married her first husband.

Her marriage to her first husband, Nick Cokas, although lasting six years, had no children. It has not been revealed whether the two have already planned to have children or not.

However, recent events have sparked curiosity and confusion as some people have mistakenly assumed that she had children with Cokas due to a tragic accident involving her son’s nanny.

In fact, Katharine McPhee’s motherly journey really began when she married Grammy-winning record producer David Foster in June 2019.

Together, they share the immense happiness of parenthood, as evidenced by the birth of their beloved son, Rennie, in February 2021.

Their journey as parents has been a source of great satisfaction for McPhee, who has openly expressed her affection for motherhood and her desire to have another child in the future.

Amid the desire to expand their family, it’s important to clarify that McPhee’s previous marriage to Nick Cokas did not result in any children.

As she cherishes the role of being a mother to Rennie, McPhee’s heart remains open to the possibility of welcoming more children into her life, while honoring the memory of her first marriage which did not involve d ‘children.

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Katharine McPhee divorce settlement with first husband Nick Cokas

The singer’s journey through marriage and subsequent divorce from Nick Cokas became a matter of intrigue and ultimately led to a financial settlement that raised some eyebrows.

After three years of dating, McPhee and Cokas exchanged vows on Feb. 2, 2008, at the serene Presbyterian Church in Beverly Hills. However, over the years, the perfect facade has crumbled, revealing the tensions within their relationship.

The public eye caught a glimpse of turbulence when McPhee was photographed sharing an intimate moment with her husband”smashdirector, Michael Morris, in October 2013.

Moreover, this revelation acted as a catalyst for change, leading McPhee to file for divorce on May 22, 2014, after claiming the couple had been separated for a year.

The legal process progressed, and on February 8, 2016, McPhee’s divorce from Cokas was finalized. Amid the dissolution of their marriage, the intricacies of their financial settlement were worked out.

Court documents revealed that McPhee was to pay Cokas $102,616 immediately afterwards, followed by spousal support of up to $400,000 per year or approximately $33,333 per month, subject to a sliding scale.

In addition, McPhee retained his furniture, artwork, and personal effects, as well as a 2013 Mercedes M-Class SUV, various bank accounts, insurance policies, and specific music and television rights.

Conversely, Cokas kept his 2013 Jeep Wrangler and some of McPhee’s music royalties. At the end of the legal chapter, the settlement highlighted the practical realities that come with the end of a marriage.