Jose Manalo’s New Wife: Affair and Controversy

Jose Manalo is a well known actor, director and comedian from the Philippines.

Also, he is widely known for his appearances in movies and TV series such as Eat Bulaga!, Valiente and Sunday PinaSaya.

Some of his other appearances can be seen in May Darling Aswang, Pepito Manaloto: Ang Tunay na Kuwento, Vampire ang Daddy Ko and Sunday PinaSaya.

Besides, Manalo has also won various awards including the 44th GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards, 28th PMPC Star Awards For TV and 47th GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards.

Who is Jose Manalo’s new wife?

The name of Jose Manalo’s new wife has not been shared with the media.

However, many speculations have been on the internet saying that Manalo’s new wife is former EB Babe Mergene Maranan.

Rumors of their relationship started circulating on the internet when the alleged couple were spotted together several times.

Because of this, many of their fans and followers also asked about it, but none denied or accepted the rumors of their relationship.

Meanwhile, some Maranan followers asked about their affairs on Instagram, and she once reacted but didn’t say anything in detail.

So, considering all the facts, it can be said that the alleged affair between Jose and Mergene may be a fake that has been circulating on the internet without any truth.

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The Jose Manalo case and controversy explained

Jose Manalo’s affair with former EB Babe Mergene Maranan has remained in the limelight for a long time. But it was never confirmed if Manalo and Maranan were dating.

Apart from this, Manalo has already been embroiled in controversy and due to this, many people have even criticized the actor. In the past, Manalo was married to Anna Lyn S. Manalo.

However, their marriage did not go well; they then separated. 2012 Anna files a complaint against the comedian for verbal and psychological abuse.

In her affidavit, Anna claimed the abuse began in 2011, but Jose denied it all.

Similarly, Jose also released a statement saying that he had provided financial and other support to his children.

However, at the end of 2013, his daughter filed a complaint against her father for non-financial support, which forced her to drop out of school.

His daughter even attempted suicide, but Jose again denied all the allegations.

Jose Manalo Relationship Status: Meet His Girlfriend or Partner

Jose Manalo’s current relationship status appears to be single as there is no confirmed news of him having a girlfriend or partner. During this time, Manalo was allegedly having an affair with Mergene Maranan.

Despite all the rumors about their relationship, the actor did not say anything about it. Moreover, he now seems focused on his career.

He can be followed on social networks, where one can keep up to date with his life. Apart from that, Jose was formerly married to Anna Lyn S. Manalo, and their marriage had many ups and downs.

Sadly, Anna passed away in January 2022 and the duo’s daughter Myki Manalo shared the tragic news but did not give any details on Anna’s cause of death.

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