Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax Blyth Sickness and Health: What’s Happening to Her Neck and Face?

Holly Hagan baby Alpha Jax Blyth made headlines as she was reportedly sick just a month after birth.

Holly Victoria Hagan-Blyth, from Thornaby-on-Tees, is an English television personality, model and singer. She is well known for her appearance on the MTV show Geordie Shore.

In order to start a career as a glamorous model, Hagan worked for HM Revenue and Customs and in sales at a contact center in Santander. She eventually quit her job after auditioning for the show and getting a spot on it.

Hagan was one of the original cast members of the MTV reality series Geordie Shore when she appeared in the first episode of the first series.

During her time on the show, she started relationships with other cast members like James Tindale, Scott Timlin, and Kyle Christie.

Hagan left the program on the series 13 finale, which aired on December 20, 2016, after 111 appearances.

Holly returned to Geordie Shore in Australia midway through Series 17 after a two-year absence. She did the same in series 18 and joined the cast part-time for series 19. Holly appeared many nights throughout the series but did not reside in the house.

Holly Hagan’s Baby Alpha Jax Blyth Disease: What Happened to His Neck and Face?

When Holly Hagan saw a rash on her son’s neck and face, she rushed him to the hospital. The skin condition has caused great anxiety for the Geordie Shore star and her husband, Jacob Blyth.

According to Holly Hagan, she felt obliged to take her one-month-old baby Alpha-Jax to the doctor immediately when she noticed a disturbing rash on her neck and face.

After making a call, they took their son Alpha-Jax to the doctor and were thankfully relieved.

While cuddling her sleeping son in bed, she spoke to fans and said, “I woke up this morning, well, an hour ago, and Jacob came in. He had phoned the doctors this morning, and they got him in quickly.

“So we took him down and told them everything, and they looked at his rash because he has a little rash on his face and around his neck, but apparently they said it was nothing to to worry aboutand they prescribed infant Gaviscon.

The reality star received many responses from fans who suggested additional things for her to do.

According to the NHS, the drug is given to infants to help prevent gastric reflux, which leads to wind trapping in the stomach and can cause discomfort and a rash.

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Holly went on to say that some followers had warned her that the child’s anti-reflux medication would actually make things worse and cause constipation.

Later, the new mother posted an update with the message: “Had hundreds of DM suggestions; Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!”

Learn more about Holly Hagan Alpha’s newborn baby Jax Blyth

Holly gave birth to Alpha-Jax in June while claiming to be in a “baby bubble” for the public. The news was announced by the 30-year-old in a statement posted on her Instagram story.

Holly, 30, a new mum, wrote: “Here he is! We do fantastic. I will post a brief update from the hospital on my blog tomorrow morning.

“A big thank you to the wonderful staff at Wythenshawe Hospital. I couldn’t have imagined a more positive birthing experience. Simply take in our little baby bubble.

She posted a touching video on Instagram in the days following the birth of her child, along with a moving comment about the struggles of being a young mother.

The video showed Holly picking up his infant son out of bed and rocking him to the tune of Taylor Swift’s 2010 hit song Don’t You Ever Grow Up while putting on what she dubbed “a diaper” (absorbent postpartum underwear) .

In the accompanying black and white clip, she opened up about her intense feelings upon returning home and the first steps of her new parenthood.