Full Video: Official Snapchat Tape Video of Ama Leaked by Asantewaa and Brother Kayverli

Ama Official Snapchat Tape Video Leaked By Asantewaa & Brother Kayverli (Watch Full Video)

Fans and followers have gone wild on social media, sharing their thoughts on the allegedly leaked images of Ama. Asantewaa, another name of Martina Dwamena, is a well-known Ghanaian TikToker. She immediately garnered a following on TikTok thanks to her comedy films, which helped her rise to fame amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

A controversial episode involving two well-known Ghanaian artists from TikTok, Ama and Asantewaa, has recently come to light on social media. The argument centers on an allegedly leaked video and film that purports to reveal Ama in a private moment.

Accusations that Asantewaa and her brother shared the Snapchat graphic video have sparked heated debate among their supporters.

Ama leaked video and tape

Ama Tiktok Girl Leaked Videos

According to reports, Asantewaa and his brother revealed the sexual acts of Ama, a TikToker, which led to the condemnation of the two by Ama.

Ama has released a number of new videos in response to the controversy sparked by the famous content creator.

Due to their alleged involvement in sharing the intimate video of Ama’s brother, Asantewaa and her brother have come under heavy criticism on social media.

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Asantewaa is known for using outlandish tactics to get attention, but she insists she did nothing illegal and the charges against her are unfounded.

As a result, their fans split, with some siding with Asantewaa and others denouncing his actions.

In her videos, Ama refutes the claims of Asantewaa and her brother and challenges them to come to her birthplace in person to provide hard evidence or she will “curse” them.

Asantewaa and his brother were allegedly accused of sharing intimate photos of his brother’s girlfriend earlier.

Additionally, it was said that Asantewaa’s younger brother, Kay Verli, was shown in a popular video being accused of having slept with a TikTok user before leaving her behind.

Sadly, the woman involved in the incident turned to harassing Asantewaa and her brother after the split, which resulted in sexual images being posted online as rewards.

Ama leaked video and tape: Asantewaa accused of posting it on Snapchat

Ama Tiktok Girl Leaked Videos

Charges against Asantewaa and her brother arose following an outcry on social media over allegedly leaked video and audio featuring Ama.

Ama angrily denied her involvement and dared those who accused her to provide evidence as she and Asantewaa maintained their positions.

A private Snapchat video of Ama made public on several social media platforms marked the beginning of the incident.

Asantewaa and his brother were suspected of leaking the private information, although Ama, the content producer, denied any involvement in the leak.

In response to the accusations, Ama posted a message on Snapchat denying any involvement in the stolen video and film.

She urged Asantewaa and her brother to visit her hometown and offer concrete evidence to back up their charges. Ama insisted that he was innocent and that release was not his intention.

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