Did Julie Chen Divorce Les Moonves? Relationship And Rumours Explained

Did Julie Chen Divorce Les Moonves? There are rumors about the alleged separation of the famous host of the CBS reality show with her husband.

Julie Suzanne, a well-known television personality and host, changed her name to Julie Chen Moonves. Audiences all throughout the country are captivated by her magnetic presence.

She has carved her name as a renowned news anchor, producer, and host for the illustrious CBS network into the annals of broadcasting history with her irresistible charisma.

Julie Chen Moonves has served as the show’s adored presenter since the spectacular premiere of the American version of the renowned reality television program Big Brother in July 2000.

The show excites viewers through exhilarating twists and turns in the gripping game of strategy and human dynamics.

Julie Chen Moonves has exhibited her outstanding talents throughout her distinguished career in various jobs. She broadened her artistic talents outside her stellar broadcast career by writing children’s books.

When I Grow Up, a charming book she wrote as a loving ode to her beloved son Charlie, was published in 2018.

She has cemented her reputation as a leading figure in the field of broadcasting because of her alluring demeanor, extraordinary talents, and unwavering resolve.

Did Julie Chen Divorce Les Moonves? Rumors Explained

No, the reality TV show host Julie has not divorced Les Moonves. In fact, the couple is in a happy and loving relationship. 

The rumors about their alleged divorce started spreading after he departed from CBS in September 2018 amid complaints from multiple women about alleged sexual misconduct.

Even though people speculated that she would leave a man with such allegations, she astounded the audience by using her married name when Chen Moonves signed off from a September 2018 Big Brother broadcast.

The reality show’s debut in 2000 marked the beginning of the former Talk cohost using her maiden name.

“When his name was getting dragged through the mud, I thought this is the time to make my stand and to let the world know who I am,” the native of New York City said on Wednesday.

She further explained that it was a show of solidarity with her husband. She was acquainted with him, and he was also a good man, according to the reality TV show host.

She continued by saying that she hadn’t informed anyone in advance of her intention to go by a new identity that evening. “I made the change on the fly on a live show in the spur of the moment,” she said.

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“I kept it a secret. I remember thinking, “Am I going to do it?” as my heart raced while I was toying with it. It simply turned into a moment.”

The reality host’s name change was officially announced by CBS, who used the name “Julie Chen Moonves” in a news statement announcing season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother two months after the show aired.

More On Julie Chen And Les Moonves Relationship

Julie Chen has been married to Leslie Moonves for nearly two decades. Their love story began in 2004, shortly after Les finalized his divorce from his first wife.

Les and Julie exchanged vows in a charming marriage ceremony performed in Acapulco, Mexico, just 13 days after his divorce was finalized on December 10, 2004.

At the time, Julie was already four years into her role as the host of the iconic reality series Big Brother, which originated from a Dutch show.

As the CEO of CBS, Les Moonves played a prominent role in the network where Julie worked.

Their love story further blossomed with the arrival of their son Charlie in September 2009. Les also has three children from his previous marriage.

Julie and Les have remained a strong team despite their difficulties, their love and resiliency strengthening their relationship.

Their journey, entwined with the complexities of the television industry, is evidence of their unwavering dedication and a common quest for achievement.

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