Claire Risoldi Obituary And Death Cause: What Happened To Bucks County GOP Rainmaker?

This article revolves around the Claire Risoldi obituary and death cause details. A socialite from Bucks County convicted of multi-million insurance fraud passes away at age 71. 

The unabashed, irreverent Bucks County GOP political influencer and twice-convicted felon Claire Risoldi evaded her 2019 jail term for a third time less than a year ago.

It would be the final opportunity the criminal justice system had to lock her up again.

In connection with a Fire that occurred in 2013 at the former Buckingham estate of her family, Claire Risoldi was found guilty of insurance fraud in January 2019.

In January 2019, Claire Risoldi was found guilty of insurance fraud connected to a Fire that occurred in 2013 at the former Buckingham estate of her family.

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Claire Risoldi Obituary And Death Cause

People want to know about Claire Risoldi Obituary details. Her criminal defense lawyer Michael Diamonstein stated on Thursday that Risoldi died on July 14.

He said nothing further regarding the demise. She was 76 years old. In her final court appearance, Bucks County socialite Claire Risoldi was again sentenced to jail. 

Carl and Carla Risoldi, Risoldi’s two children, did not reply to emails sent out on Thursday requesting information about their mother.

Pat Poprik, chair of the Bucks County Republican Party, did not reply to a message requesting comment on Friday.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office declined to comment on Friday after successfully prosecuting Risoldi for her involvement in a multimillion-dollar insurance fraud.

The matriarch of the Buckingham family has no internet Claire Risoldi obituary.

The only official record of Risoldi’s passing is a request to withdraw her most recent and final appeal that Diamonstein submitted on Thursday to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

What Happened To Bucks County GOP Rainmaker?

Risoldi was sentenced to 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison in 2019; however, she passed away before completing even a single day of her sentence.

Her passing ends the criminal prosecution that was initiated eight years ago when the AG’s office, based on a grand jury referral, charged Risoldi, four members of her family, and two accomplices with insurance fraud and associated offenses, charging they submitted bogus claims totaling $20 million.

The accusations originated from complaints from an unknown-cause Fire that severely damaged the family residence on their 10-acre estate called “Clairemont” in 2013.

This was the third time in four years that this had happened. 

More Details On Claire Risoldi

The jury finds Risoldi guilty of insurance fraud. Following a “spectacular” fall from grace, Risoldi is imprisoned.

When the AG’s office brought charges in 2015, identifying Risoldi as the brains behind the insurance fraud operation, she was 67.

Risoldi came out more like a gun moll than a grandmother, with a voice like loose gravel, a vivid sense of style, unvarnished comments, and a gravity-defying poof of golden hair.

She lost her husband twice. Carl P. Risoldi, her first husband, died in 2001 at 58.

Two weeks after the insurance fraud charges were brought against him and the others, her second husband, Thomas French, a former deputy sheriff for Bucks County who she married in 2013, shot himself in the head.

The trial in the fraud case solely involved Claire Risoldi. Three further family members struck agreements that excluded jail time. Later, the accusations against two members of the family were dropped.

During her 2019 trial, those who knew Risoldi praised her for being friendly and generous with both her time and money.

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