Angus Cloud Siblings: Meet His Twin Sisters Molly Hickey Fiona Cloud And Brother

Angus Cloud siblings were very close to him, and everyone along with them was devastated by his death.

Angus Cloud, the talented 25-year-old star of HBO’s Euphoria, has passed away, leaving fans heartbroken.

Known for portraying Fezco “Fez” O’Neill, the lovable drug dealer, Angus’s sudden death shocked many.

His family released a statement revealing he was battling mental health issues and recently buried his father, his best friend. The cause of death remains undisclosed. 

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Angus Cloud Siblings: Meet His Twin Sisters Molly Hickey And Fiona Cloud

Angus Cloud, the beloved star of HBO’s Euphoria, was a talented actor and a cherished sibling to his twin sisters, Molly Hickey and Fiona Cloud.

Born on July 10, 1998, in Oakland, California, Angus was the eldest child in a family of six. At the same time, Angus was relatively private about his personal life.

Little is publicly known about Molly and Fiona, as they preferred to stay out of the limelight.

However, it was mentioned that Fiona attended the University of Michigan, showcasing her dedication to her education.

The tragic loss of their beloved brother on July 31, 2023, left Molly and Fiona grieving alongside their family and fans worldwide.

Angus’s passing was heartbreaking for those who had come to adore him for his role as Fezco on Euphoria and his openness about his struggles with mental health.

The Cloud family released a poignant statement following Angus’s death, expressing the heaviness of their hearts as they said goodbye to an incredible human.

As Angus’s family and the world mourn the loss of this talented actor, it is evident that his impact on those around him, including his twin sisters, is immeasurable.

While Angus’s career took him to great heights, his bond with his family remained an essential aspect of his life.

As fans and loved ones remember Angus Cloud for his humor, talent, and inspiring journey, his twin sisters, Molly Hickey and Fiona Cloud, continue to cherish the memories they shared with their beloved brother.

Angus Cloud Brother

Angus Cloud, the talented star of HBO’s hit series Euphoria, did not have a biological brother. However, in the context of the show, his character, Fezco, had an adoptive brother named Ashtray, portrayed by Javon Walton.

The bond between Fezco and Ashtray on-screen was a significant part of the show’s narrative, reflecting their deep connection and shared experiences.

Javon Walton mourned the loss of his co-star and friend off-screen, paying tribute to Angus Cloud on social media.

He shared heartfelt posts on Instagram, referring to Angus as “brother” and expressing his grief over the tragic passing of the talented actor.

Angus Cloud’s portrayal of Fezco was a breakout role that propelled him to fame, earning him praise for his authenticity and raw talent.

His character’s relationship with Ashtray added emotional depth to the show, resonating with audiences worldwide.

As the entertainment industry mourns the loss of this promising young talent, Cloud’s memory will continue to live on through his exceptional performances and impact on the lives of his co-stars, friends, and fans.

While his time on this Earth was tragically short, his contributions to the entertainment world will be remembered and celebrated for years.

The Euphoria family and HBO extended their condolences to Angus Cloud’s loved ones, acknowledging his immense talent and impact on the show and beyond.

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