Car Branding

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A mobile billboard is a device within the marketing practice of advertising on the side of a truck or trailer that is typically mobile. Mobile billboards are a form of Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising. Radio, static billboards, and mall/airport advertising fall into the same category. Using a mobile billboard for advertising is an advertising niche called mobile outdoor advertising.[citation needed]

Most mobile billboards are dedicated, customized trucks with large, but narrow, bodies for posting the advertisements. Some of these dedicated units offer features such as external sound systems, illumination, and hot/cold boxes for product sampling. This type of mobile billboard is the most popular among vendors, and the most capable in terms of gaining exposure and quick deployment. An innovative development of mobile billboards are dynamic advertising trailers called SkyBoard to hoist large format vinyl banners up to 4000 sq.ft.

Another trend is to use smaller but more distinctive looking mini mobile billboards often based on the Daihatsu Midget from Japan as it is a very rare and unusual looking vehicle in Europe and the USA, these one-seater vehicles have a very short wheelbase so they can be parked side on so the large advertising panels on the side are facing the traffic flow, this and the fact that they are such unusual looking vehicles makes them very effective advertising tools.

Some mobile billboards are installed on trucks and trailers that are in service delivering goods. This form of mobile billboards can be less expensive than dedicated trucks, but may also have less impressions because the trucks spend more time at docks loading and unloading their goods.

Box-type trucks with glass panels enclosing the cargo space can be turned into a 3-D display. Many companies use these trucks for parades, product launches, furniture displays, and general rapid awareness creation. Anything can be placed inside of the boxes.

More recently, for micromarketing campaigns, small engine scooters have come into play.[citation needed] The small scooter is used to pull a tall and narrow signage. This form has become a very effective intercity advertising method for Atlanta, Georgia.[citation needed]

Car Branding is one type of Advertising methods ....

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