About us

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I-print is one of the youngest professional advertising companies in Ethiopia and was established in September 2008 with start-up capital of ETB 500,000.00 and has been giving advertising services. in addition we import different outdoor and  indoor advertising machineries. We possess very professional know-how especially in controlling the quality of solvent printers and their out puts. We provide the most competitive price with best quality.

Our brand, print, has been spread to the market all over Ethiopia, and becoming first choice of the customers who believe in quality.

I-print as you see the name of our company, i-print means you can print everything on any thing with no limitation. Our goal is providing you with better printing service, helping your company by providing a better advertising options

our head office and sales officer are jointly located at Getu Commercial Center on bole road (Africa Avenue), 2nd floor, room umber 218.our workshop is located on bole road, Wello Sefer.

In our head office, we provide a variety of design and quality printing options. With a real 1480 DPI printing machine available in our workshop, our customers can enjoy the possibility of playing a real game with color of their choice with no limitation of any sort.



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